Amount & Types of Light Per Plant

When I grow from seed and clones I use CFL (Compact Florescent Light) Bulbs, for my Vegetative area I use mixed spectrum 3,500 Kelvins (bright white) which is a blue & red mixed light. I also sometimes just use 5,000 Kelvins (daylight bulbs) so its all blue spectrum. I recommend at least 50 watts for each plant for vigorous growth then in flowering bump it up to 100 watts per plant or more if you desire. In flowering they like either mixed 3,500 Kelvins (blue/red spectrum) or 2,700 kelvins (warm white) all red light. The red spectrum enhances flower growth and makes the buds bigger. I usually go to the hardware store and buy the CFL bulbs and use a reflector to house the bulb and it works well for me.

You can also use Metal Halide Lamps in Vegetative which is a all blue spectrum its also good and will produce good results. This is known as a High- Intensity discharge lamp (HID). In Flowering switch to High Pressure Sodium Lamp (HPS) to induce flowering and make the buds plumper. Both Metal Halide and High Pressure sodium lamps product a lot of heat due to the Ballast and the bulb. If you turn off your HID Lamp or power goes out always wait about 10 minutes to turn the Lamp back on so the igniter inside the ballast can cool down. HID lamps and Ballasts can be found on, Amazon, or your local gardening shop.

Its important to have lots of ventilation going to your HID lamp because they can let off lots of heat, some you can buy ducting fans for and hook it up directly to your HID lamp with a flange to keep the heat off your garden area. I have never done this but I use a clip on fan blowing inside my grow tents, bigger areas may need to have ducting and fans cooling the lamps.

Next Lighting method is a T5 florescent light these are both made in vegetative and flowering spectrum’s they come in many sizes and wattage. I have never used these kind but I know from other growers who used them that they are a good choice for growing Cannabis.

LED lights are also great and lower costing lamps to operate they put off a great amount of light and are worth the cost I currently have a Purple Sun LED from Apollo Grow Lights. I use it in my Flowering tent and it works great. LED lights come in standard LED and COBB LED bulbs I recommend using the regular type because the COBB can burn out quick but are easy to replace.

But the best light to use is the Sun its free and the best to grow your Cannabis I have had a few outdoor grows on my lanai (balcony) the only thing is it only received a short period of light hours because the shade from the building, so I had CFL lamps inside a mini greenhouse to power on during the low light hours and turn off around 7:00pm when the sun was setting. I had some great results from this method. Keep in mind that if you have plants outside and you have a Cannabis Medical card in Hawaii the plants must be hidden! so no one can see them. They need at least 12 hours of full sun per day as well so no dim or shaded areas.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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