Making Cannabis Butter

So I’ve had a lot of people asking how I make my Cannabis butter. What I would do is either use a double broiler or a Crock pot. Never go above 180 degrees Fahrenheit, because you will burn off the THC and degrade it. Set your dried and cured Cannabis inside a grinder, lightly grind it and place it inside the crock pot you will want to do about 4-7 grams of Cannabis per pound of butter.     (You can also decarb your Cannabis that you ground up, I don’t always do this step but its 240 degrees oven for about 60 minutes in a Pyrex dish.)

First melt the butter on low setting on the Crock pot let it cool to 170 degrees and add your cannabis stir it in, let it sit for 15-20 minutes then stir again every 15-20 minutes. Do this for about 2 hours or more if you prefer. Take a coffee filter or cheesecloth and strain as much of the butter from the Cannabis as you can by squeezing it out.  Place the Cannabis butter inside a old butter container or a mold or even a bowl works. The Cannabis Butter should be a light green color once its all completed. You can use it in any recipe. You can also mix it with regular butter so its not so strong in your edibles. Hope you enjoy this and have fun making Cannabis butter!

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Harvested Aloe Vera Gel To Clone

You can use Aloe Vera gel from harvested Aloe branches to clone with. All you do is break off a leaf and squeeze out the Aloe juice, collect it inside a jar or container and dip your cut clones inside of the gel, then place them about 1/2 inch inside of soil or Grodan Cubes allow 1-2 weeks to root. Please keep your cloning tools like your scalpel sanitized to make sure your clones stay healthy and not get moldy like Botrytis cinerea which is a fungus that can get inside your clone if your not sanitary. You can take a flame to your cutting tool first before using it to clone with cut the stem at a 45 degree angle and have at least 3 nodes (brackets in between the sets of leaves) above the cut. I also have another post on cloning if you need more instructions. Have fun cloning your Cannabis plants.

Aloe Vera Plant
Grodan Cube

Reasons Why I Have My Medical Cannabis Card

Aloha, So I have a few people ask me why I have my medical Cannabis card and one reason is because in 2005 I had a full Patella (knee) reconstruction and if I stand for a prolonged amount of time or use my knee too much it can become pretty painful so I smoke to relief some of that pain and swelling.

Another reason is because in 1999 I had a Traumatic brain injury (TBI) I made a full recovery but the doctor told me there is a slim chance I could have a seizure I only had one since then, what I thought was one in 2010. So I also use it to prevent those just in case. I think cannabis helps with my stress also and if I cannot sleep I smoke sometimes. That is pretty much it, I mainly smoke it for the knee pain.

These are some qualifying conditions to be able to get your Cannabis Medical 329 card in Hawaii.

  • Cancer,Glaucoma,HIV/AIDS or the treatment of these conditions;
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • Lupus;
  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Chronic Pain;
  • A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following:
    • Cachexia or wasting syndrome;
    • Severe pain;
    • Severe nausea;
    • Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy; or
    • Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease; or
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), effective July 2015.

Thank you for Reading. Aloha


Organics & Composting

I have used mostly Organic nutrients on my garden. Nitrogen Bat Guano is one and some other flowering ones like Bone Meal and phosphorous Bat Guano. You can make a tea with the Bat Guano by putting 1 cup of Guano in a cloth bag like a old pillow case and placing it inside a 5 gallon bucket of distilled water. Shake the bag around every so often add a air pump and connect it to a air stone, and put it inside the bucket keep it in the water for 1-2 days. It will be a dark tea. Use this 1 Cup to a gallon and then water your plants with it. You can also use less diluted amounts on larger plants. Wear garden gloves or latex ones when working with this solution and squeezing out the bag.

When using Bone meal I just mix it on top of the soil 1 teaspoon per plant. be careful to not use too much it can burn the plants. I have only used it in flowering, But it helps.

Some other Soil amendments you can add are Dolomite lime it adds calcium and magnesium to the soil and helps break down the soil while lowering pH. Add a few pinches to the tops of your soil and mix it into the soil.

Compost Bin

You can make a Compost Bin or buy one from a garden shop or online. You will need composting worms and a way to stir or aerate the Compost soil. It takes 6 months – 1 year for Compost to form.  Using compost worms makes the process go faster and helps break down the usable material in your bin. its important to cover the bin up to leave mold and water out. Keep the Bin pretty full. You can wet the mixture but don’t add too much, stir it carefully around and then recover the Compost pile or bin. Keep it moist so your worms don’t die  also so it allows better circulation. It is best to use hot water as well 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add Veggies, Straw,Grass, Egg shells, Banana peels, Fruits, leaves, and Newspaper don’t add meats or dairy though if you add your table scraps because of the smell. So everything on top of the soil all the compost materials. The worms will eat these materials and make them into food (Compost) for your plants. After you get Compost under your worms you can simply collect it and gradually add it to the tops of your plants, or make a tea with it first to break it down some and dilute it.

Compost Bin

The worms will also reproduce and provide you with more to help the process. Its also important if you store Compost to keep it in a airtight bag away from pets and children. Its also not good to breathe it in so make sure its not out in the open.


Cutting Electricity Costs

When growing indoors electricity use can become a set back. Lights, Fans, Air conditioner, and Dehumidifiers can all cost a bit to run, its best to pick efficient lighting which also puts out the lowest heat. I use Cob LED’s and I get really great results from them. There is two full spectrum Cob’s. Each Cob is 192 watts, there is two Cobs so roughly 384 watts total for the light I use.    The Cob LED will get me bigger yields, put out virtually no heat and produce quality Cannabis. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights produce much more heat requiring you to run more fans and maybe even use Air Conditioning which cost a lot to run monthly. The Cob LED will usually have a Heat Sink behind it with a fan or just a big Heat Sink, the Cob is also run by a driver.

50 watt Led grow chip with a 50 watt driver DIY kit.

So over all Cob LED’s are the way  to go. They will save you money and still give great results. I also have a low wattage 150 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp running along side of one of these about a foot away and it seems fine. After my HPS is at the end of its life I plan on switching to all Cob LED’s.

Dual Cob Grow Light
Dual Cob Grow Light



Drying & Curing

Preparing the plant for harvest

Because Nutrients and other residues are left inside the growing medium, Always flush out your plants well before harvesting at least for the last 2 weeks. This can be done by using a flushing agent. I used Bushdoctor flush from Foxfarm or flushing them with plain water.


Drying should always be done in a airy circulated, dark and dry area. It takes about seven days for a bud to dry and be ready to transfer to a jar, or paper bag to cure.  First you want to trim your plant of the larger leaves, then trim the buds, the leaves that stick out this could take some time. Use scissors or trimming tool to trim them. I would also use latex gloves to trim the buds so your hands don’t get full of resins the plant material will stick to your hands. After trimming the buds, I then place the trimmed buds inside a dry net. Cut them so they fit and are not stacked on top of each other. Use fans to circulate the drying area and turn the buds every so often. It is important to use fans and protect your buds from mold, mildew and dust. You can also hang the buds up in a row on a line and allow them to dry. The ideal temperature should be 65-75 degrees ☼ and the humidity should be 45-55 percent % in a dark area. Drying time 6-10 days after they are dry start the curing process.

It is important that you dry them in a dark or very dimly lit area, any lights can degrade the THC in the buds. I have seen people make boxes out of cardboard and put a rope or twine inside and hang the buds on that while running fans under to keep them well circulated. It takes about 6-10 days to dry the buds and the stems will snap when you bend them that is how you know the buds are well dried.  Don’t use microwaves, heaters or ovens to dry your buds this will ruin and degrade your buds best way is to dry slowly. Any temperature over 180 degrees will degrade the quality.

Curing your dried Cannabis

The curing process takes about a month or longer. When curing you can put them in mason jars every few hours open and shake the buds and close the jar it will take about a month to fully cure the buds. You can also put them in paper bags. Open every day and shake the buds around to prevent mold this is really important even after you have dried them they could still have some moisture. 1-3 months is recommended for the cure, although you can smoke them right after they are dried its much stronger and better after the cure. This all is a lot of work and patience but the end result is well worth the wait. Enjoy!

Organic Pest Control

Pesticides may be in some of the Cannabis we smoke. I currently don’t use pesticides in my garden unless I need to and I try to only use Organic types. There are some organic ways to keep pests out of the garden area and our plants.

First is Neem oil used in Cannabis growing good for most pests and mold. Directions for use should be on the product label. This tends to stick around in the plant for a bit so I recommend to not use for 1 month up until harvest. Should be used every three days, that is when bugs lay their eggs every 3 days.

Mild Organic non degreeser type Soap is also another useful pest control. Put about 1/4 – 1 tablespoon into a spray bottle liter of water spray the undersides of plants.

Coffee grinds around your garden if its outside will keep ants away. I once had a Greenhouse I built using a wooden frame and clear thick plastic that you can get from a hardware store, I stapled the clear plastic to the outside. The floor was a pallet type base with planks across the top with spaces for drain holes. The plant containers sat on top of this and I also mounted fans and lights in the top of the Greenhouse and because the area only got 5-6 hour of light a day the lights came on around noon to provide extra light. Even though I had this set up three floors up outside on the balcony, ants somehow still got inside the plants and decided to lay eggs. Well I used coffee grinds around the area and they eventually went away.

AzaMax  (Azadirachtin) contains 1.2% is another product I use for mites and most pests. It controls pests through starvation and growth disruption.

Foliar: Mix 1 to 2 oz. per gallon of water depending on pest levels. Spray at an interval of 7-10 days or as the situation warrants.

Soil Drench: Mix 1/2 to 1 oz. per gallon of water and apply every 10-14 days. With high insect pressure, make applications every 5-6 days.


Spider Mites

Spider Mites are a common problem when growing Cannabis it usually occurs with outdoor grows more then indoor. It will look like little spots on top white or yellow and the mites hide underneath the leaves, so you will have to look out for that. They can be seen with a Jewelers loop or Magnifying glass. You can use a few different products on the Spider Mites or also make a spray with a mild soap the kind without a degreaser about 2 teaspoons per 1 liter spray bottle and spray that on the entire plant. I use Neem Oil on mine and spray the undersides of the leaves ever 3 days because the bugs will lay eggs every 3 days. So spray with either of those every 3 days. You can get Neem oil its inexpensive from a garden shop or order it on Ebay or Amazon. It is a organic product but I wouldn’t use it in flowering stages and if you need to don’t use it for a month up until harvest time. So if you spray it, allow it to flush out for a month before harvesting and I’d also cover up the Soil with plastic baggies while spraying so it doesn’t soak up the soil too much. Neem Oil will work for a number of pests. They also have Mite washes you can get for them. This should solve the Spider mite issue Since I was asked about this a few times. Thank you for reading and Happy Growing!