Cloning is great to do if you want to preserve a certain female strain or if your short on seeds. Before you clone always use sterile tools and a sterile cloning tray to hold the clones. Wash everything and the area the clones will be rooting in. Cloning is prone to fungus, mold and pests so pick a strain that is resistant to those issues. As you know only clone female plants because they are the ones that flower. Cloning will also save you a few weeks time because once they root they will already be at a good height.

Tools you will need:

  • Sterile Razor blade (flamed)
  • Rockwool Starter Cubes
  • Cloning Gel
  • Powder fungicide (RoottoneF)
  • Clone tray and clear dome
  • Mist Bottle

First you want to make sure the female plant you pick to clone has been growing for awhile so it will easily regenerate for you. I usually don’t clone a plant till its been in vegetative for at least 30-50 days. You will want to soak your Rockwool Cubes in a 5.5 reverse osmosis water.  Pick a branch with a few nodes (The part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge, often forming a slight swelling or knob.) and using a clean sterilized blade cut the branch at a 45 degree angle and trim the top leaves the tips and pull off bottom leaves. Put the clone in distilled water with a light nutrients mix, then cut again a small amount off the bottom where you made the cut while its in the water solution. Dip the clone in cloning gel and push into a Rockwool cube until the stem is in about 1/2 inch. Spray the clone dome inside and put Clones inside the Clone Tray. Cover with the dome and keep the humidity at 70-80% and the temperature at 75-80 degrees you can keep track of the humidity with a Digital Hygrometer. Dust the base of them with some Roottonef and keep them under a medium light for 24 hours. Spray only inside the dome every few hours and allow the clones to air out for a minute or two then put the dome cover back on. Some types will root quicker while others take longer just depends on the strain. Roots should appear in about 2 weeks. Allow the Mother plant that you cloned from to regenerate for at least 2 months before cloning again and keep in 18-24 hours light.

You can also use a Aeroponic Clone Machine and push the clones you cut in so the stem will get aeration and nutrients I never done it this way but it may be easier if you have a large number of clones. They sell the machines at hydroponic shops or ebay.




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