Harvested Aloe Vera Gel To Clone

You can use Aloe Vera gel from harvested Aloe branches to clone with. All you do is break off a leaf and squeeze out the Aloe juice, collect it inside a jar or container and dip your cut clones inside of the gel, then place them about 1/2 inch inside of soil or Grodan Cubes allow 1-2 weeks to root. Please keep your cloning tools like your scalpel sanitized to make sure your clones stay healthy and not get moldy like Botrytis cinerea which is a fungus that can get inside your clone if your not sanitary. You can take a flame to your cutting tool first before using it to clone with cut the stem at a 45 degree angle and have at least 3 nodes (brackets in between the sets of leaves) above the cut. I also have another post on cloning if you need more instructions. Have fun cloning your Cannabis plants.

Aloe Vera Plant
Grodan Cube

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