Organics & Composting

I have used mostly Organic nutrients on my garden. Nitrogen Bat Guano is one and some other flowering ones like Bone Meal and phosphorous Bat Guano. You can make a tea with the Bat Guano by putting 1 cup of Guano in a cloth bag like a old pillow case and placing it inside a 5 gallon bucket of distilled water. Shake the bag around every so often add a air pump and connect it to a air stone, and put it inside the bucket keep it in the water for 1-2 days. It will be a dark tea. Use this 1 Cup to a gallon and then water your plants with it. You can also use less diluted amounts on larger plants. Wear garden gloves or latex ones when working with this solution and squeezing out the bag.

When using Bone meal I just mix it on top of the soil 1 teaspoon per plant. be careful to not use too much it can burn the plants. I have only used it in flowering, But it helps.

Some other Soil amendments you can add are Dolomite lime it adds calcium and magnesium to the soil and helps break down the soil while lowering pH. Add a few pinches to the tops of your soil and mix it into the soil.

Compost Bin

You can make a Compost Bin or buy one from a garden shop or online. You will need composting worms and a way to stir or aerate the Compost soil. It takes 6 months – 1 year for Compost to form.  Using compost worms makes the process go faster and helps break down the usable material in your bin. its important to cover the bin up to leave mold and water out. Keep the Bin pretty full. You can wet the mixture but don’t add too much, stir it carefully around and then recover the Compost pile or bin. Keep it moist so your worms don’t die  also so it allows better circulation. It is best to use hot water as well 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add Veggies, Straw,Grass, Egg shells, Banana peels, Fruits, leaves, and Newspaper don’t add meats or dairy though if you add your table scraps because of the smell. So everything on top of the soil all the compost materials. The worms will eat these materials and make them into food (Compost) for your plants. After you get Compost under your worms you can simply collect it and gradually add it to the tops of your plants, or make a tea with it first to break it down some and dilute it.

Compost Bin

The worms will also reproduce and provide you with more to help the process. Its also important if you store Compost to keep it in a airtight bag away from pets and children. Its also not good to breathe it in so make sure its not out in the open.


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