I think its good to try and do this to see what the end result is and for you to learn its also fun to make your own strain. I have crossed many plants to get seeds mostly just experimenting sometimes by accident, sometimes a female plant would grow a pollen sac and pollinate my other female plants, or a male would throw pollen before I could pull it out.

  • So first you should already know what a female plant and male plant look like, the females with have the Pistil (hairs) and the male will have the pollen sack or flower. If you ever notice that you have a male its best to pull it out of the garden far away from the female plants. Pollen travels far and if your plants aren’t separated the females will become pollinated and will be using most of their energy to grow seeds instead of making buds and resins.
  • Once you separate them get a thin garbage bag the type that will cover the entire plant this is how I do it so you can just pollinate one branch or if you have a tent stick out a branch and seal the tent around that branch to prevent the pollen from spreading to other parts of the plant.
  • Take the male plants pollen by shaking off the plants pollen sack you can collect it on paper or with a small bag. Then pollinate that branch with the pollen you collected from the male allow the excess pollen to be fully shaken off the branch you pollinated before opening the bag or tent and putting the female plant back in the tent. Make sure that the pollen isn’t going to be around the other plants that you don’t want to have seeds. Pollen can last in the refrigerator for about three months. You can collect the pollen and then destroy the male plant.

It will take approximately three weeks for the female to finish making the seeds from the time you pollinate her. The reason why I only pollinate one branch is because it should have plenty of pistils on that one branch to get you a nice amount of seeds. You should also know that a plant can have both female and male pollen sacks there and are called hermaphrodite plants and should not be used to pollinate the other females because they are both chromosomes X (female) & Y (male) it will most likely reproduce the same in the next generation. But if your female plant spits out a male pollen sack say one or two, this is usually from a disruption in the light period meaning there is a leak and light comes into your grow area during the dark periods. So what happens is it causes a hormonal imbalance and will make the females produce male pollen sacks. Since the plant is mostly female the pollen it produces will make feminized seeds if breed with a all female plant. So keep that in mind if you are looking to make all feminized seeds.

This is my methods and I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you

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