Cutting Electricity Costs

When growing indoors electricity use can become a set back. Lights, Fans, Air conditioner, and Dehumidifiers can all cost a bit to run, its best to pick efficient lighting which also puts out the lowest heat. I use Cob LED’s and I get really great results from them. There is two full spectrum Cob’s. Each Cob is 192 watts, there is two Cobs so roughly 384 watts total for the light I use.    The Cob LED will get me bigger yields, put out virtually no heat and produce quality Cannabis. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights produce much more heat requiring you to run more fans and maybe even use Air Conditioning which cost a lot to run monthly. The Cob LED will usually have a Heat Sink behind it with a fan or just a big Heat Sink, the Cob is also run by a driver.

50 watt Led grow chip with a 50 watt driver DIY kit.

So over all Cob LED’s are the way  to go. They will save you money and still give great results. I also have a low wattage 150 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp running along side of one of these about a foot away and it seems fine. After my HPS is at the end of its life I plan on switching to all Cob LED’s.

Dual Cob Grow Light
Dual Cob Grow Light