Drying & Curing

Preparing the plant for harvest

Because Nutrients and other residues are left inside the growing medium, Always flush out your plants well before harvesting at least for the last 2 weeks. This can be done by using a flushing agent. I used Bushdoctor flush from Foxfarm or flushing them with plain water.


Drying should always be done in a airy circulated, dark and dry area. It takes about seven days for a bud to dry and be ready to transfer to a jar, or paper bag to cure.  First you want to trim your plant of the larger leaves, then trim the buds, the leaves that stick out this could take some time. Use scissors or trimming tool to trim them. I would also use latex gloves to trim the buds so your hands don’t get full of resins the plant material will stick to your hands. After trimming the buds, I then place the trimmed buds inside a dry net. Cut them so they fit and are not stacked on top of each other. Use fans to circulate the drying area and turn the buds every so often. It is important to use fans and protect your buds from mold, mildew and dust. You can also hang the buds up in a row on a line and allow them to dry. The ideal temperature should be 65-75 degrees ☼ and the humidity should be 45-55 percent % in a dark area. Drying time 6-10 days after they are dry start the curing process.

It is important that you dry them in a dark or very dimly lit area, any lights can degrade the THC in the buds. I have seen people make boxes out of cardboard and put a rope or twine inside and hang the buds on that while running fans under to keep them well circulated. It takes about 6-10 days to dry the buds and the stems will snap when you bend them that is how you know the buds are well dried.  Don’t use microwaves, heaters or ovens to dry your buds this will ruin and degrade your buds best way is to dry slowly. Any temperature over 180 degrees will degrade the quality.

Curing your dried Cannabis

The curing process takes about a month or longer. When curing you can put them in mason jars every few hours open and shake the buds and close the jar it will take about a month to fully cure the buds. You can also put them in paper bags. Open every day and shake the buds around to prevent mold this is really important even after you have dried them they could still have some moisture. 1-3 months is recommended for the cure, although you can smoke them right after they are dried its much stronger and better after the cure. This all is a lot of work and patience but the end result is well worth the wait. Enjoy!