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Best Grow Tents

The best way to make sure your plants are protected from bugs,mold,dust, and outside temperatures and humidity is to grow in a tent or closed space I have a GrowLab GL60 http://www.homebox-growlab.net which is a awesome sturdy tent. I also have a larger HydroHut 2×2 http://hydrohuts.tumblr.com/ that is just as good as the GrowLab. Both have sturdy poles and connectors as well.

Its important that you use a grow tent to grow your plants because it makes it easier to protect against bugs and molds if your going to be smoking something grow or eating it you want to make sure its free of pests and mold which is harmful to your body also its easier to hang the lights and fans. Another good grow tent is Gorilla these are some of the strongest tents you can buy. Check out the sites and see for yourself http://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=911832&u=1293991&m=31788&urllink=&afftrack=

Thank you for reading and have a great day! Happy Growing!