Temperature & Humidity

The temperature and humidity your keeping the plants in can make a huge impact on yields and plants growth rate also keeping molds and pests away from your Medicinal plants.

The ideal temperature should be 75°F (23.88°C) and should never be over 90°F (32.22°C) The ideal humidity should be at exactly 50% anything over or under causes pests and molds/mildew in your garden, a air conditioner or fans can keep the temperature and humidity at the proper levels, you will also see a faster growth in your plants if these levels are kept in the right range. Use a Hygrometer to measure the humidity in your grow room or grow area you can buy them from Ebay or a garden supply shop. I have a digital Temperature & Hygrometer I use in my grow tents. I also have a clip on 6″ fan and two 4″ inline duct fans (180 CFM) one blowing air in and the other exhausting air with a filter connected to it to pull out the dust and pathogens to make sure the air is clean inside the grow space use a fan controller to control the air flow of the exhaust fan. Plants have pores just like our skin does if these pores become clogged it can make the plant sick so its really important that you have plenty of air circulation in your grow space to keep your plants at their healthiest. I have my fans hooked up to a timer they are on when it gets too hot and shut off at night when its cooler always give the fans a break so they don’t burn out. I also recommend getting a grow Tent or if your growing indoors having a completely sealed space to keep out mold spores and pests.

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